How to find the perfect fishing charter

finding the perfect fishing boat

Key Steps in Finding the Perfect Fishing Charter

Fishing Charters from can make the process of finding the right fishing boat easy, because much of the local selection is available on one site for you to search and browse. You can easily use Boatbookings as a "one stop shop" for finding and contacting fishermen in the area you want to fish. Here is a step by step process to finding your boat.

Step 1 - Determine where you want to fish. This is normally near where you will be staying on a vacation. Then just search for all of our fishing boats in that area by selecting it in "Location Search" at the top left of every page on the site. Our selection of fishing boats for charter in that region will appear.

Step 2 - Browse through the boats that look interesting, and then contact each company and find out which type of fishing they specialize in. Get to know the captain - he's the one who will make the day for you. Ask him as many questions as you like such as what they typically catch, specialities they have, etc. Most capatains love talking about fishing!

Step 3 - Make sure the boat can accommodate your party size. If you have kids, will they be ok on the boat, or get in the way?

Step 4 - Find out if food and drinks offered as part of the package. Most fishing boats are not luxury catered yachts, they are in the business of catching you some great fish! If they don't provide any drinks or food, you should pack a bag before you go. You may also want to find out if alcohol is allowed on the trip - beer and fishing normally go hand in hand, but it's best just to make sure!

Step 5 - Most fishing trips start early in the morning so make sure you know how to get to the destination the night before. No need to stress out when fishing! Use our handy Google maps to see where teh port is, or ask the captain to send you directions. Arrive early!

Step 6 - How will you get your fish home? Most boats will clean and pack the fish for you, but you also will need a cooler and ice. Some companies charge for the cleaning, others include it with the package price.

Step 7 - If you've had a great day, plan on tipping your captain. Typical tipping rules apply- generally 15 - 20 percent of the base charter fee if you've enjoyed your experience.

Step 8 - Put pictures and feedback about your experience on our site - we want to hear about it!!

Add your thoughts! We'd love your insights so please feel free to add recommendations, ideas and opinions.

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