About Fishing Boat Charter from Boatbookings.com

Fishing boat charter from Boatbookings.com

About Fishing Boat Charter from Boatbookings.com

We bring you fishing charter boats, news, tips and expert guides so you can easily book your next fishing trip!

Since 2005 Boatbookings.com has done only one thing - boat charters. In that short time we've become the largest site in the world, counting boats on the site (over 10,000), Alexa Site Rank, Page Views and, most importantly, requests generated (thousands per year).

We've now launched Fishing Charters at Boatbookings.com, designed to be the best place on the web to find the fishing boat you want. We make it easy - just search for what you're looking for, either by our list of destinations or by simply typing in a phrase such as striped bass Maine, and the boats that qualify will show up. Check out the boats you like, and then simply call the captain directly or request your dates via our simple form. The Captain will take itfrom there, discussing the types of fish they normally catch, fishing areas, rates, etc.

We hope you find the fishing boat you're looking for, and catch the fish of your dreams!!

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